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Holger Trülzsch, Veruschka: Transfigurations, 1986

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House in Jigozen by Suppose Design Office

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Blue can be so lush and deep. I look at this photo and want to be completely swallowed in an atmosphere of blue. It reminds me of the water.

I appreciate the unique beauty of every hue there is as they all touch upon and evoke so many sensations.

“Finding Alice” is a series of photos by Sian Davey of her daughter Alice, who was born with Downs Syndrome.

Malgosia Bela in “Sanitorium”, photographed by Alex Cayley for Dutch Magazine #38 March 2002.

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Photo credits: Ahrabella Heabe Lewis

VENEZUELA. Caracas. 1957. dwellings.

Ernest Shaw in East Baltimore, USA - Malcolm X, Nina Simone & James Baldwin

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Valloria, Italy

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